HR Services

Our HR services solutions extend across the entire employee lifecycle from appointment to retirement addressing needs such as onboarding, payroll, benefits, training and development, and more. We also support the administrative services of maintaining employee records, evaluating employees, assessing policies, executing procedures, carrying out interviews, overseeing performance, creating compensation plans, preparing retention plans, etc. which are all part of the range of HR services that we offer.

OUTSOURCING recruitment process

One of the essential elements for the successful growth of an organization is having the right talent on board. Effortlessly find the right talent through and we act as an extended arm and help you manage your complete, end-to-end recruitment needs. We are quipped on defining processes and offering unrivaled industry insights to ensure that you have access to high-quality talent. All of this is offered whilst reducing cost-per-hire, time-to-hire, and a quick turn around ensuring that you have the right fit talent when you need it. We pride ourselves on being able to effectively evaluate the unique requirements of our various clients, across industry verticals. As directed by the client, the recruitment will be done for a designated project or when needed, on-demand basis. Either way, you can be assured that at every point in time, the right number of the most skilled persons are hired to fill your workforce positions.

Payroll Management

Consider the Cost of Your Time …..Your job as a business owner is to focus on running and growing your business, not processing payroll. Doing the payroll processing yourself means taking your time away from other key tasks, like acquiring customers, making products, or performing services. Whether you have one employee or hundreds, you must follow the formal procedures that go into paying them and dealing with payroll taxes. You can perform these payroll tasks yourself, or you can outsource the process by turning it over to a payroll service provider like us. We have all the necessary expertise to perform the payroll processing for your organization. Our expertise includes handling all the compliance required, even when there can be changes to tax laws, tax rates, or deadlines for submitting reports. We do understand that it can be difficult for an individual business to stay on top of all these changes. We are available to manage all of these activities for you seamlessly.

Internal – External Auditing

The work of an internal audit is usually undertaken by a specialized team in a business organization. However, with changing times business entities are now outsourcing their Internal Auditing functions either fully or partially to reliable agencies. Since there are major challenges of managing Internal Auditing, there are definite benefits to utilizing outsourcing services. The organization is benefited from access to experts and specialists that can also help in providing a key insight for achieving the goals of their business. Since our internal auditor is external to the organization, the independence from the management is strengthened. We adopt proper, advanced technology with all the latest innovations in the techniques of auditing along with industry best-practice sharing.

We offer four types of possible services to support the audit function. These options are:

Full Outsourcing

In this option, the entire function of internal audit is carried and conducted by us, and we would be a different entity from the external auditor of the business.


We offer this option to organisations facing temporary shortage of staff in the auditing department. Support can e provided for special assignments, coverage of remote sites and when a lack of skilled resources exists.

Partial Outsourcing

In this option, the organization signs up for less than 100% of the services we offer. In such an arrangement we collaborate closely with a core team in the internal audit section of the firm and share the working plan of the internal auditing function.


In this option, we are engaged to perform the auditing services and we may in turn engage a third party for a specific engagement for a limited period of time. Nevertheless, we stay accountable for all the audit outcomes and support the entire process for our client organization.

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